Dennis the Dog!

Dennis the Dog! Happy 18th Birthday Lauren, carved Chocolate cake with chocolate milkshake buttercream xx

The Ring of Power…

The Ring of Power from the ‘Lord of the Rings’, Rich chocolate cake filled with Chocolate buttercream, topped with a handmade engraved Chocolate Ring .....happy birthday my precious..... xxx

Henry Hare

Happy Easter Everyone! Even though I am officially on lockdown I have decided to keep myself cake happy by still getting creative in my cake room, so here’s my Easter contribution , made from Rice... More

Golf 60th Birthday Cake

Golf 60th Birthday Cake ❤️ 4 layered Vanilla with jam & buttercream, Argyle pattern cake decorated with handmade glove, golf bag, flag & golfball! 😊xx

Tawny Owl Birthday Cake

Tawny Owl Birthday Cake 🦉Happy 8th birthday Alice! 6 layers of rainbow cake filled with vanilla buttercream, decorated with 100% edible owl 🤔 made using RKT and modelling chocolate edible bark and floral decoration xxx


4 layered chocolate cake, decorated with Hand-modelled Chocolate Pheasant with wafer feathers and chocolate gunslip x

Superhero Cake

Three tiers of Yummy Chocolate with chocky milkshake buttercream, vanilla with jam and buttercream ❤️ all decorated with ‘super’ sugarpaste faces! Happy 4th birthday Noah! Xxx

Digger Cake

Happy 3rd Birthday Riley ❤️, 4 layered strawberries & cream cake, decorated with handmade chocolate digger and edible rocks, chocolate rubble and cones. Xxx

Springer Spaniel Gundog Cake

🐾 4 layers of rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate honeycomb buttercream, edible gunbox, cartridge belt and Spaniel topper. Tweed jacket and wooley jumper complete the look ❤️xx  

Roses and Swags

With sugarpaste roses, swags and feathers this cake ties the themes together well

Hand Painted

A hand painted cake with sugarpaste roses makes a stunning focal point to your wedding

Golden Drip and Roses

Golden drip Wedding Cake 4 tiers covered in hand painted ombre white chocolate ganache, decorated with handmade sugar roses, and a rose ruffle base. Flavours included Salted caramel, coffee, Lemon and classic vanilla xx

Wedding Hydrangeas

Wedding Cake with Hydrangeas Congratulations Charlotte & Dean! 3 tiers (base tier chocolate with chocolate ganache, middle tier vanilla and top tier coffee) all covered in shimmering sugarpaste and sugar flowers to match the bouquet... More

Wedding Roses

Happy Easter Congratulations Lisa & Tom! I hope you are having a wonderful Easter Wedding Day xx

Romantic Flowers

Valentines Wedding Cake Driftwood Sugarpaste base tier, Damask effect Royal icing middle tier, finished with Sugar roses,Peony and Cherry Blossom xxx