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  • Dachshunt 26 May 2020Dachshunt
    Happy Birthday Matilda! 4layers of yummy chocolate cake with Sausage Dog bursting through the pressie! xx
  • Dennis the Dog! 26 May 2020Dennis the Dog!
    Dennis the Dog! Happy 18th Birthday Lauren, carved Chocolate cake with chocolate milkshake buttercream xx
  • THe Ring of Power… 9 May 2020THe Ring of Power...
    The Ring of Power from the ‘Lord of the Rings’, Rich chocolate cake filled with Chocolate buttercream, topped with a handmade engraved Chocolate Ring …..happy birthday my precious….. xxx
  • Henry Hare 9 Apr 2020Henry Hare
    Happy Easter Everyone! Even though I am officially on lockdown I have decided to keep myself cake happy by still getting creative in my cake room, so here’s my Easter contribution , made from Rice Crispys and Modelling Chocolate, ( to give you an idea of scale, the small eggs are ‘mini eggs’ ) I’ve named him Henry Hare Stay safe everyone, looking forward to making cakes again soon! Xxx
  • Golf 60th Birthday Cake 14 Mar 2020Golf 60th Birthday Cake
    Golf 60th Birthday Cake ❤️ 4 layered Vanilla with jam & buttercream, Argyle pattern cake decorated with handmade glove, golf bag, flag & golfball! 😊xx
  • Tawny Owl Birthday Cake 14 Mar 2020Tawny Owl Birthday Cake
    Tawny Owl Birthday Cake 🦉Happy 8th birthday Alice! 6 layers of rainbow cake filled with vanilla buttercream, decorated with 100% edible owl 🤔 made using RKT and modelling chocolate edible bark and floral decoration xxx
  • Pheasant 29 Feb 2020Pheasant
    4 layered chocolate cake, decorated with Hand-modelled Chocolate Pheasant with wafer feathers and chocolate gunslip x
  • Superhero Cake 29 Feb 2020Superhero Cake
    Three tiers of Yummy Chocolate with chocky milkshake buttercream, vanilla with jam and buttercream ❤️ all decorated with ‘super’ sugarpaste faces! Happy 4th birthday Noah! Xxx
  • Digger Cake 29 Feb 2020Digger Cake
    Happy 3rd Birthday Riley ❤️, 4 layered strawberries & cream cake, decorated with handmade chocolate digger and edible rocks, chocolate rubble and cones. Xxx
  • Springer Spaniel Gundog Cake 16 Feb 2020Springer Spaniel Gundog Cake
    🐾 4 layers of rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate honeycomb buttercream, edible gunbox, cartridge belt and Spaniel topper. Tweed jacket and wooley jumper complete the look ❤️xx