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  • Covid Birthday 17 Mar 2021Covid Birthday
    😲 Happy Birthday Karen ❤️ yummy lemon cake filled with lemon buttercream and lemon curd decorated with chocolate virus! Xx Guide Price (March 2021) £135
  • Pink Pegasus 14 Mar 2021Pink Pegasus
    Pink Pegasus Unicorn loveliness 🤍 4 layers of yummy chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, decorated with a chocolate unicorn with edible wafer wings xx
  • Cockapoo Pup 10 Mar 2021Cockapoo Pup
    Cockapoo Puppy in a Basket ❤️ 4 layers of vanilla cake with jam and buttercream, decorated with a handmodelled cockapoo, edible blanket and ball x Guide price (March 2021) £135
  • ‘Blue Hedgehog’ 10 Mar 2021'Blue Hedgehog'
    4 yummy layers of chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream covered in chocolate ganache and a handmodelled ‘speedy coin collecting hedgehog’ ❤️ xx Guide Price (March 2021) £185
  • Pink Roses and Gin 8 Mar 2021Pink Roses and Gin
    Happy 70th Birthday to this gorgeous lady ❤️ 4 layered vanilla cake decorated with sugar roses, Glass and a cheeky bottle on gin! Xx Guide price (March 2021) £135
  • ‘Robin Redbreast’ 3 Mar 2021‘Robin Redbreast’
    60th Birthday celebrations 🥰, Classic fruit cake featuring a chubby handmade chocolate robin perching on a rustic cake log decorated with edible moss and sugar carnations (the birthday girls favourite). Guide Price (March 2021) £185
  • Baby Yoda! 26 Feb 2021Baby Yoda!
    I was so excited to make this little guy ❤️ Sat on a traditional fruit cake decorated with silver marbling and edible silver leaf, baby yoda has been handcrafted from Rice Cereal, marshmallow and Chocolate, his beautiful eyes are made from Sugar xx Guide Price (March 2021) £135
  • ‘Bunny in a basket’ 21 Feb 2021'Bunny in a basket'
    Happy 1st Birthday Eloise 🐇 4 layers of yummy lemon cake filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream 🍋 decorated with sugar flowers, sugarpaste basketry and a hand modelled chocolate bunny xx Guide Price (Feb 2021) £185
  • Winged Dragon 10 Feb 2021Winged Dragon
    Happy Birthday Amelia! Who wanted a pink girly dragon sat on a rock ❤️, the rock is a 4 layered vanilla cake with jam and buttercream, the dragon is made using Rice Crispy modelling with Chocolate and waferpaper wings. The eyes are made from sugar! X Guide Price (Feb 2021) £125
  • ‘Cupid Kitty’ 10 Feb 2021'Cupid Kitty'
    ‘Cupid Kitty’ is wishing you all a lovely Lockdown Valentines Day! ❤️ if you want to see him being made please follow the link below Guide Price (Feb 2021) £185 https://youtu.be/TdrccxLi8nk